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How Do I Make An Appointment?

To make an appointment for a session, please call or text 484-225-0448, email or send us a Facebook Message. You will need to provide your name, the number of people in your party, and your phone number, and as long as we have the space available, we will reserve those spots for you. We can not accommodate walk-in appointments. You must schedule in advance.

Please Note: Due to high demand all messages may not be returned the same day. We thank you for your patience.

Where is Salt of the Earth Located?

Although we are located within the Twin Ponds Integrative Health Center, Salt of the Earth is an independent practice.

Please contact us directly at 484-225-0448 for
all services of the cave.

What Should I Wear?

Clean comfortable clothing is recommended. Street clothing is fine or you may wear or bring clothing that exposes areas of skin you would like the salt to reach (shorts, sleeveless shirts, etc). A changing area is available. Guests are more than welcome to be barefoot or we provide clean socks upon request.

What Does A Salt Session Entail?

Relax in a dimly lit environment while laying on a zero-gravity chair. Soothing music plays to quiet your mind, and twinkling lights above and the beautiful salt fireplace help you feel comfy and cozy.

Relax... Breathe... Be Well...

Please see our services page for available add-ons.

What can I expect upon arrival?

Because I am located with the Twin Ponds Holistic Health Center, you will not see a sign for the salt cave. Park in the main front lot, unless instructed otherwise. Enter through the main front entrance; there is a waiting room to your right and bathroom and open kitchen are to your left. Please feel free to help yourself to water, tea, etc. PLEASE TEXT 484-225-0448 WHEN YOU ARRIVE. I will come greet you, as there are other practitioners in the building. You will be completing a short waiver for the salt cave during an introduction to halotherapy. To save time, please utilize the restroom if needed upon arrive, especially when in a group.

Do I Need To Shower Immediately After My Session?

You do not need to shower after your session. You can carry on with your day as usual.

Should I Consult My Doctor Before Scheduling A Session?

Halotherapy is safe for virtually everyone, however, you are more than welcome to discuss with your doctor before scheduling a session inside the salt cave. Our medical community uses saline (salt) in many applications because it's effectiveness and safety, however, many doctors in the United States are not overly familiar with halotherapy. If your doctor should have any apprehension, I would be happy to discuss halotherpy with your doctor if needed.

What if I Need to Cancel my Appointment?

This time is put aside especially for you. Please notify us as soon as possible if you need to reschedule you session.

How do I Purchase a
Gift Certificate?

Please call to order and schedule a pick up time
or to discuss mailing options.

E-Gift Cards are available for instant purchase.
Click here for more information about our E-Gift Cards.

Are Drinks Allowed in the Cave?

Sorry, due to maintaining the environment in the
cave no liquids are allowed. Water is available
before and after your session.

How should I prepare?

There is nothing special you need to do before your visit. Please arrive clean, especially feet. Using common sense, you don't need to arrive fresh out of the shower, but clean, especially if receiving massage or reflexology. Wear clean, comfy clothing. Please the section "What do I Wear?" for further information. It is always a good idea to be hydrated. 

Soap and Towel
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